Kyra Kondis
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Neighborhood Goods

For the majority of 2018, I worked part-time for groundbreaking modern retailer Neighborhood Goods, located in Plano, TX.  My responsibilities included copywriting, social media efforts, PR, and branding in the pre-launch phase of operations. I wrote the company's original tagline, "A Department Store with a Story," and collaborated with CEO Matt Alexander and design team Tractorbeam to produce and edit effective body copy and tone for the website's landing page, company overview, and brand application prompt. Additionally, I wrote and revised copy for our partner deck and corresponding documents.

I also created the company's social media rollout plan and schedule for the three major platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for the months surrounding our first press release, and conceptualized events and brand promotions to be implemented once the venue opened. Because I worked for the brand while it was in pre-launch, most of my work can only be shared with partners; however, below is a selection of some public content.

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