Kyra Kondis
let's tell some stories.

Creative Writing & Publications


I Wouldn’t Give Up (Lost Balloon, forthcoming in early 2020)

In Memoriam (Craft, forthcoming in November 2019)

The Day the Birds Came (Pithead Chapel, forthcoming in October 2019)

When You Become a Ghost (Wigleaf, forthcoming in fall 2019)

As Seen on TV (X-Ray Literary Magazine, 2019)

How to Get By (Jellyfish Review, 2019)

If It Were You (Matchbook, 2019)

Is This What You Wanted? (A Quiz) (Queen Mob’s, 2019)

The Last Date on Earth (honey & lime, 2019 / Also available in print via Amazon)

On The Edge of the Woods (Maudlin House, 2019)

The First Two (Belletrist Magazine, 2018 / Also available in print via Submittable)

The Way Things Are (Synaesthesia Magazine, 2018 / Nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize)


Four Poems (After the Pause, 2018)

Non-fiction & Blog

I’m Not Outraged, But If I Were (So to Speak Journal: Blog, 2018)

Understanding, Tolerance, and Human Nature: Carol Mitchell Talks Character (Mason MFA Blog, 2018)

Tim Barzditis on Surprise, Curiosity, and Craft (Mason MFA Blog, 2018)

Rachel Purdy: Travel, Connection, and Coffee (Mason MFA Blog, 2018)